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chicken boneless handi


A luscious chicken boneless handi is known for its creamy smooth gravy, which is cooked with the local Asian condiments. This traditional recipe cooked in a mud pot having deep bottom hence called as Handi.

Here is the mini overview of making this recipe. Firstly, fry chicken cubes on a high flame when these cubes retain their shape take them out, add sliced onion in the same oil when they turned golden add garlic and ginger paste stir it for a couple of minutes. Put in other reaming ingredients and cook it again for few minutes. When oil leave maslah then add other dry condiments. Now hot chicken handi is ready to serve. It usually served with naan or roti depends upon the consumer's choice. It comes to be a more savoury meal when it consumed with additional items such as raita, chutney, salad. Pakistani traditional recipes generally served with these supplementary items.

One more distinct facet is, this is a super economic dish which everyone can attain in a very low budget. A dish having a pledge of its taste. Once you try this you will surely taste it again.

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