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Tandoori Chicken Karahi is one of the familial and historic recipes of our restaurant. . It is a considerably famous and most consumed dish of Pakistan but tandoori is formulating a unique version of chicken karahi. People usually prefer this recipe in lunch or dinner parties. It named karahi because it is cooked in an iron pan which is round-shaped with a flat bottom. Karahi is actually a dish of Pashtoon (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) and Punjab they make it heavy by using different spices. Generally, people who don’t like fast or other fancy foods they intended to eat Desi and heavy meals consequently, chicken karahi is the finest option for them. The strong savor of Desi aromatic Chicken Karahi is good for your taste buds. While preparing this recipe we access all the hygienic norms and the use of natural ingredients is our vital obligation.

The tactic mode of preparing this recipe is quick, cushy, and homey. We take some fresh and hygienic chicken after washing it properly poured it into a large karahi and add some salt, garlic paste, ginger, and mix it appropriately. When the chicken thawed then adds chopped tomatoes, after adding some other ingredients leave it on a low flame for few minutes. Sprinkle some slices of chopped coriander on the top. When it served in a pot its appealing texture and aroma popped up the viewer’s appetite.

Typically, curries with gravy go well with both roti and rice, chicken karahi is a dry curry, it goes amazingly well with Tandoori roti, naan or other bread or it is usually served with ‘Roghni naan’ or ‘khameri Rooti’. Salad, Dahi raita, and other spicy condiments like green chutney make it more delicious.

All the services provided by tandoori restaurant staff is a very important factor for us, when it comes to the environment and atmosphere, Tandoori always bother to provide a good environment with delicious food to their clients.

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